Ethics in credit union marketing

Always be learning. The moment we think we know it all is the minute we know nothing. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend an event in Atlanta for the marketing agency industry and got grounded back into our “why” at YMC with some timely reminders. I furiously jotted notes to share with my team, but the more I reviewed my notes, the more I wanted to share some of these with you. If you have a credit union marketing firm you work with, or are contemplating working with a credit union marketing firm, these will serve as some good reminders on getting the most out of the relationship you are investing in.

A marketing industry expert (and host of the conference I attended) summed up the role of a strategic marketing firm this way:

“What I most admire about you, as an advisor, is that you have nothing tactile to hand over to the client—it’s just you, standing naked in front of the room, carefully assessing, solving, and then speaking into that confusion. At its core, creativity is simplifying things; first, seeing the patterns, and then making the simple but courageous recommendation. And then applying the principles of change management to bring it to life with as little disruption as possible.”

He also shared some of the governing ethical principles marketing firms should adhere to in serving their clients well. While this was nothing new for me (but still good reminders), I feel these are principles any client of a marketing firm should also be aware of.


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