Event marketing in your underwear

by. Joe Swatek

This event marketing example isn’t likely one you want to suggest during your next invitation to the boardroom, but it’s the kind of tactic that can start your own creative ideas flowing.

Event marketing is an effective way to introduce prospective customers to your financial institution. A typical event is a branch grand opening, but, obviously, they don’t come along very often. In past posts, I’ve encouraged financial marketers to create their own events.

Here’s an example of a “national holiday” that didn’t exist until one retailer decided to publicize it.

National Underwear Day occurs August 5. Likely this is the first time you’ve heard of it.

The first annual “holiday” was in 2003, and was founded by Freshpair, an online underwear retailer. Earlier holiday events were fashion shows with models showing off the clothing line, but the 2013 event was different.

Promoted as an attempt to break the Guinness Book World Record for largest gathering of people in their underwear, the party was held in Times Square, New York. About 800 individuals were willing participants, while scores of onlookers stared and snapped photos.

In the midst of all the fun, the retailer generated plenty of recognition for its brand and merchandise.

I bring up this underwear event for these reasons…

  • The national holiday is the fictional creation of the retailer
  • Event marketing can draw big crowds when properly staged
  • Event marketing can generate high-profile recognition for promoters
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