Everything matters in member experience – even automation

Recently I had the unfortunate experience of calling a government agency. I was experiencing problems doing something online and ran up against an expiring deadline.

I had to speak to a real person to get the situation resolved, but the phone menu didn’t cooperate. Every time I pressed the number that was supposed to connect me with the correct department, it took me back to the home menu and started the process all over again.

I did this about 10 times before I finally hung up defeated. This agency could definitely have benefited from a journey mapping exercise to see what their customer experience was really like.

Is this a situation that could happen (or maybe has happened) to your members or customers?

In today’s day and age, people use their phones for everything except phone calls. Pew Research Center reported that one in five American adults are “smartphone only Internet users,” meaning in their personal lives they only access the Internet through a mobile device.


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