Facility Solutions: Selling your brand with branch videos

Visual storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to share your credit union’s transformation with members and target markets.

We know that creating and delivering a powerful and consistent user experience across all delivery channels is critical for a credit union’s success. UX managers and engineers are leading the charge with increasing involvement in all aspects of the business process, technology applications, staffing, training and marketing. As UX budgets increase, so does the pressure to drive performance to new levels in terms of metrics like net promoter score as well as decreased costs and increased ROI.

Developing a new branch prototype and member and staff experience are the most tangible expressions of a credit union’s evolution. Such a project often coincides with new business strategies, brand analysis and significant change. The process of creating a new bold branded experience must integrate all delivery channels, technologies, and human resources to be succesful. But even the most brilliant efforts will remain dim unless the results are sold to the target market.

There are a number of ways to take advantage of all the time, effort and resources you are putting into your new brand. You can hold an open house as a one-time event, which typically draws in a modest number of existing members, contractors and a few local officials. You can conduct staff training to help members of your internal team understand the new brand and how to deliver the elevated experience. Marketing can be conducted online and through the media. But what is the secret sauce that binds all this brand re-energizing together and conveys it in a way that sticks in members’ hearts and minds?


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