Failure to address caller ID on non-IP networks could result in disruptions

The Federal Communications Commission should terminate the exemption to call authentication requirements of the TRACED Act for non-IP networks or set deadlines for providers to upgrade to IP networks or implement an alternate caller ID framework solutions, CUNA and other organizations wrote to the FCC Tuesday. The comments were sent in reply to other comments submitted on the FCC’s proposal to implement caller ID authentication frameworks on non-IP networks.

CUNA’s reply comments note that—despite come comments claiming non-IP networks will be phased out by the market and FCC action is not needed—a lack of action would not achieve the framework’s goals, frustrate Congressional intent, and result in important calls failing to reach consumers.

New telecom protocols that deliver the digital information confirming a call is “valid” only works on more modern IP networks. These protocols does not operate on older non-IP networks, which are still in use. If an interim, non-IP network passes the call along, that information gets lost and the downline networks don’t know the call is valid. As a result, the end network might block the call or mislabel it as spam.


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