Faster payments are set to revolutionize modern digital payments

Faster payments and the user experience are the differentiators that will enable banks and credit unions to remain relevant and competitive.

We’ve seen this gradual shift during the past decade as modern payments have undergone a significant transformation based on consumer expectations. And in the past few years, in particular, the shift has accelerated as the pandemic changed the way many are paying for goods and services.

To put it simply, consumers want convenience — and that’s what’s driving this surge in digital payments. “Most people are looking for the iPhone experience,” said Jeff Bucher, Senior Product Manager at Alkami. “On your iPhone, you can click on the app and you can get things right away. You can order food immediately and have it delivered quickly.”

“Banking is important and using banking in the same manner that you use other apps and other interfaces is what people expect,” he added. “At this point, people want digital banking at their fingertips. They want to be able to have a streamlined interface, and they expect robust capabilities — to pay their bills online, pay their friends and family, and pay their loans online as well.”


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