Financial Futures: Disruptive themes and key trends

For every successful technological solution, there are dozens more relegated to history. Betamax, Zune mp3 players, Google Glass. All three were part of industries that saw enormous success (home video, digital music, and augmented reality); however, these products never won the battle for supremacy. So what separates the successes from the failures? What makes a trend long-lasting? And how do you determine which new technologies to place your investment dollars in?In short, how do you identify the right disruptive themes and key trends?In this episode of Financial Futures, we examine the emerging trends, themes, and technologies that could form the groundwork for the future of financial services. We find out how institutions can distinguish between game-changing trends and flavors of the month, and we ask what organizations can do to future-proof their investments and back the right emerging technologies.In today’s episode, we speak with Vice President of Future Exploration and Ventures at FIS, Ed Barker, to find out how institutions can look to the past to make better predictions about the future. And we’ll find out how investors and fintech founders can set themselves up for success in economically volatile times.We’ll also ask: How can financial institutions separate important trends from all the noise? What are the current themes affecting the financial services sector? How could emerging technologies transform the way consumers interact with financial services? What will the rise of embedded finance mean for traditional financial institutions? How will the cooperation between startups and corporates drive the evolution of fintech?


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