Financial institutions aren’t prepared for the digital revolution

The world is in the process of a Digital Revolution, where everyone on the planet has the ability to talk, trade and transact with anyone else. This transformation will erode boundaries and promote inclusion. In this exclusive interview, Chis Skinner discusses his newest book, Digital Human, and the impact these changes will have on banking and the world as a whole.

Chris Skinner is one of the foremost influencers in the financial services industry, being both a highly prolific speaker as well as the author of several books, including Digital Bank and ValueWeb. His blog, The Finanser is read and referenced worldwide, and he is the chairman of the European networking forum the Financial Services Club, which he founded in 2004. Chris is also a close friend, who I reach out to often to discuss the changes in the banking industry.

His newest book, Digital Human, is a logical extension of his previous two books, providing an in-depth look into the impact of digitization on all aspects of our lives; from the structure of banking, to digital identities, new forms of currency and economic inclusion. Skinner also includes the most extensive English language case study ever done on Alipay, China’s largest third-party mobile and online payment platform.

In this exclusive interview, Chris discusses some of the major topics covered in his book, as well as providing a compelling vision of the future of banking. In his responses, bank and credit union executives will understand why Digital Human should be part of any financial institution leader’s personal library.


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