Financial marketers build banking brands piggybacking on social media power users

There are some very influential voices in social media channels, with large communities of loyal followers. Here's how U.S. Bank, Chase, American Express, Citi, and Capital One are all broadening their appeal by piggybacking their brands on popular social media celebrities. Should you be next to jump on board the influencer marketing trend?

In every community of any size — online or off — there are influential voices. Some have a following and a reputation large enough that they monetize it — charging brands that want to connect with their audience fees. It’s often referred to as “influencer marketing.”

Many financial brands have held back from influencer marketing, but that could be changing quickly, as more institutions follow in the footsteps of early pioneers, matching themselves with social media influencers who can help bust through modern communications clutter.

The internet and social channels have turned everyone into a potentially powerful publisher, according to Jason Falls, Director of Digital and Social Strategy at the Cornett agency. You could call it the “democratization of marketing.”

“There’s a lot of noise out there,” says Falls, speaking at an AdWeek webinar. “Influencer marketing is about finding the signal among all the noise, and finding out how to attract the eyeballs and the attention span of the audience that you want to reach.”


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