Financial marketers must ditch ‘bank speak’ to boost usage of mobile banking apps

Most mobile banking apps score well for functionality, but are only "OK" when it comes to communication clarity. The challenge is to build a more friendlier pocket-sized banking device, not just a shiny new tech tool. Financial marketers can't let techies and programmers script the "brand voice" of their mobile banking apps. To craft a better, simpler and more intuitive experience, you've got to dump all the jargon.

Does your mobile banking app leave some people wondering scratching their heads? Do they get lost? Confused? Stuck?

While smart design, robust security, cutting-edge features are all ingredients that go into creating an awesome mobile banking app, an intuitive digital experience isn’t always about coding. Sometimes what consumers really need is de-coding — deciphering the message and telling them in good old plain English what you mean or what they are supposed to do.

According to a study by Forrester, banks and credit unions can spike adoption and utilization of mobile banking apps simply by using language that doesn’t sound like banker jargon. And the good news? It’s relatively cheap, and it doesn’t require any new technology.

Forrester’s analysis and ranking of mobile apps from leading retail and direct retail banks found that nearly every one failed to use plain everyday language. The findings are surprising consider that institutions in study included megabanks lik Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, US Bank, USAA and Ally.


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