Financial marketers should attack when consumers are on the move

by. Jim Marous

According to the research done by Epsilon back in 2012, brand loyalty is strained whenever consumers move. The keys to reaching this transitional segment include.

  1. Monitoring current customers who give signals of an impending move (retention).
  2. Being first to communicate with the new mover right before or after their move when there is less competing clutter (acquisition).
  3. Building a system for efficient and ongoing processing of the new mover target audience and delivery of offers (cross-sell).
  4. Measuring the impact of your new movers retention and acquisition program.

Epsilon’s 2013 New Mover Report sheds light on this segment’s spending habits and brand affinity when they move. Using only general demographic data, financial marketers can create the following standard profile of the average new mover.

Under the age of 44. Younger people tend to be more transient than older households. In addition, new movers tend to be more avid online shoppers consistent with their younger demographic.

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