Financial readiness: “Why we do what we do”

Military readiness is what commanders certify prior to deployment. It would be disastrous to commence a particular operational plan if the units tasked cannot meet minimal manpower, training, and equipment requirements. Outside of these raw inputs, there are other readiness factors such as family, medical, legal, and financial readiness which are just as important. Mission risk increases when any of these are out of sorts.

Defense credit unions have always had a large role in helping to establish and maintain the financial readiness of the unit. Apart from providing exceptional products and services and protecting servicemembers from predatory lenders, our member credit unions are “all-in” in supporting the installation’s military mission. We know what is important and what works—and financial readiness is exactly “why we do what we do.”

In fact, throughout our industry’s history, we have all understood that developing financial well-being isn’t just something credit unions do—it is THE thing credit unions do! As a result, every credit union can and should boast about their financial wellness efforts which drive financial readiness for our military. These efforts are all worthy and should be captured in our dialogue with Congress and the Pentagon.


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