Financial trades ask FCC to exercise caution on robocall restrictions

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) should tread lightly before placing restrictions on “non-conversational” robocalls—phone calls that include fraud alerts, school closings and payment reminders—a group of trade groups, including CUNA and NAFCU, said last week.

“As with all measures to address illegal robocalls, the commission should strive to strike an appropriate balance that minimizes the blocking of legitimate calls or erodes the ability of companies to engage in wanted or needed communications with their customers,” the credit union advocacy groups, alongside others representing student loan servicers, payday lenders and debt collectors, told the commission.

The FCC is soliciting comments on whether to further restrict robocalls that consumers receive, with submissions due last week.

Restrictions on non-conversational calls “would result in further blocking of legitimate, lawful calls—an outcome the commission should take every step to avoid,” the groups contended.


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