Finding success for your credit union marketing strategy without sales calls

Messaging via Slack on how to gain and maintain engagement from both our teams and members, one account manager typed, “The credit unions that do well and hit their goals are having regular staff meetings and discussing their monthly and annual goals. The ones who do very well understand that their products can make a difference in the lives of the people they are serving, and the conversations help them hit their goals.” If this doesn’t sound like your credit union marketing strategy, it should.

Reading that gave me immediate flashbacks to a young professional I once employed at a large, regional bank. He had all the product knowledge and personality one could hope for in a customer service role. Unfortunately, he was routinely falling short of hitting his goals. He knew his goals, reviewed them each day, and was trying his hardest but still wasn’t quite reaching his full potential.

That changed on a call one night. Typically, we hated call nights. That meant a branch or two in the area was behind on their goals bringing our collective average down. In turn, all branches got to stay after hours and try to open more accounts and loans or bring in new money to reach our quarterly goal. After all, there’s nothing clients or members like better than being called during dinner time to discuss finances!

But this night was different. We decided to not sell anything. His goal was to keep clients on the phone. Just talk – nothing more. Success was measured if he could tell me about five clients and their lives. For someone as social and personable as he was, he felt zero pressure trying to reach this goal.


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