Fintech partnerships aren’t all or nothing

Especially when you’re working with a credit union service organization on digital transformation

As financial institutions look to update their digital strategy, it’s important to remember that outsourcing an entire digital channel or process to a fintech isn’t always necessary. Some financial institutions have partnered with fintechs to fill gaps in expertise and staffing and ensure continuity between front- and back-office functions.

Prepare for a Digital Transformation

Origence’s new whitepaper about digital transformation looks at the vital role collaboration plays as financial institutions pursue new digital strategies to remain competitive and evolve to meet consumer needs and expectations.

The whitepaper details successful approaches to digital transformation taken by some financial institutions. One institution, $12 billion Alliant Credit Union, Chicago, developed its own mobile app. However, according to Michelle Spellerberg, VP/digital strategy, Alliant CU also partnered with a mobile fintech to create a project team comprised of fintech and credit union employees.



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