Five keys to crafting a high-functioning brand

Brand success comes down to how well leaders use tools and culture-building to shape perceptions, attitudes and experiences for members and staff.

We all know brands that stand out, tap emotional connections and build legions of raving fans. Differentiation for them seems almost effortless. They often define their category—or even create a new one.

We refer to such brands as high-functioning. However, what seems effortless on the outside actually requires incredible focus, detailed execution and an openness to adaptation that keeps these brands relevant and thriving.

What Is Brand?

Brands are the perceptions and expectations people have about you—whether they’ve purchased your products or used your services or not. Therefore, every organization has a brand. Some are high-functioning, some are lower-functioning, some are stumbling and in need of rehabilitation.

For financial services organizations, brand is the whole ballgame. In a highly regulated industry, it’s nearly impossible to differentiate with products. If your checking account is radically different from all the others, you’re probably losing money or breaking the law.


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