Florida, Alabama League, credit unions prepare for Hurricane Michael

This is the second major storm to hit the states in 13 months.

Hurricane Matthew

The League of Southeastern Credit Unions in Tallahassee and numerous credit unions said today they will close their branches and offices at noon or 1 p.m. Tuesday and will remain closed through Thursday because of the state of emergency that has been declared for Alabama and Florida as Hurricane Michael continues to gather strength and is expected to be life threatening, cause flooding and widespread power outages.

Credit unions that have announced branch and office closures starting at noon or 1 p.m. today are Tyndall FCU, Panhandle Educators FCU, Flag CU, Innovations FCU, Bay CU, Emerald Coast FCU, FAMU FCU, Tallahassee-Leon FCU, TMH FCU, Florida Department of Transportation CU, Florida A&M University FCU, Florida Rural Electric CU, Envision CU, and First Commerce CU. They all will remain closed through Wednesday but may reopen by Thursday or Friday depending on conditions.

It was just over a year ago in September 2017 when Hurricane Irma poured more than a foot of rain in several areas of South Florida, whipped up winds of 130 to 142 mph, knocked out power at more than 6.5 million Florida homes and businesses and forced many of the state’s credit unions to shut down.


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