Focus like a Barn Swallow

A Barn Swallow is a little bird found abundantly across North America…and it has a strategic focus unlike any other. It’s recognizable by it’s cobalt blue and orangey-gold color, it’s long, forked tail unique to the swallow family and the annoying habit they have of building a nest in the eaves of my front porch every year.

They use mud, straw and grass to build a nest attached to walls, beams, eaves, and generally anything else that suits them including…you guessed it…barns. It’s a mess both on the walls and as you can imagine…on the ground just below the nest.

Well, this year I was having none of it. About a week ago, I heard them chattering outside my front door. I went outside to see that sure enough, they were starting to stick that mud onto the stucco wall at the top of my front porch. So, I begin having a heated conversation with the two birds about how they were going to have to find someone else’s porch this year in which to bring their little birdies into the world. They looked at each other, then back at me and laughed.

What are you willing to overcome for the sake of the mission?

I went for the water hose.


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