Focus on employees’ financial well-being

‘Taking care of our employees and easing their worries was a critical first step in helping our members.’

Tobi Weingart, left, program director at the National Credit Union Foundation, and Joe Mecca, vice president, communication, at Coastal Credit Union.

When developing programs that address members’ financial well-being, keep an important group in mind: your employees.

“It’s highly likely that many if not all of your employees are members of your credit union. As employers, there is an added responsibility in terms of how you take care of your employees,” says Tobi Weingart, program director at the National Credit Union Foundation. “Credit unions have a unique opportunity to lean into financial well-being for all from the employee benefits and practices perspective.”

According to the Financial Health Network’s U.S. Financial Health Pulse, two out of three Americans are not financially healthy.

“Adopting a more holistic approach to improving people’s financial well-being begins with commitment from the top of the organization,” Weingart says. “It’s imperative that the CEO, the board, and the C-suite are aligned on prioritizing financial well-being for all as an organization. It must be part of your strategy.”


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