Spiczenski: What to expect from the revamped GAC

America’s Credit Unions Chief Association Services Officer Todd Spiczenski is excited to welcome the credit union industry to Washington, D.C., to advocate with a unified voice for the first time as the new organization.

“It takes your breath away,” Spiczenski says of the premier advocacy event that brings nearly 6,000 advocates to the nation’s capital. “It’s like, ‘Wow, we’re kind of a big deal, aren’t we?’”

“Every year is unique, but this year feels like it’s taken on a bigger evolution,” Spiczenski says with the transformation to America’s Credit Unions. “We’re building on the foundation of what our members love about GAC. Whether you’re a savvy veteran or a newbie, you’re going to have an experience like no other. You’re going to see some new and different things.”

That includes Coastal Credit Union Chief Administrative Officer Mia Perez as emcee, a stronger advocacy theme that enhances attendees’ ability to connect directly with America’s Credit Unions’ advocacy team, leadership, and policymakers, a revamped welcome center, engagement areas, and more.


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