Focus on the positive

You never regret time spent exercising. After a good workout, you feel happier, more satisfied and healthier. Same goes for any activity or hobby that allows you to recharge.

Why not apply a similarly uplifting workout to your daily work routine? Paralympic medalist Bonnie St. John encourages those in the business world to do just that. She calls it the “optimism workout.”

“Optimism has been shown to be a key ingredient in why certain athletes can win and also why entrepreneurs win. Pessimists are more often right, but optimists are more often successful,” she said in a video posted on

St. John says that when we are able to generate positive feelings throughout our day, we are:

  • more open to creative ideas;
  • able to adapt and innovate faster; and
  • accept feedback better from others.

She suggests keeping a gratefulness journal or even sharing out loud with others your reasons to be thankful. Her ideas are worth a try. Also, here are some other helpful tips on practicing optimistic leadership.

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