Focused on Eyeprint Verification for FIs with Finovate Best-of-Show Winner EyeVerify’s Toby Rush

Passwords are a pain. So one company has literally come up with an eye-opening alternative called Eyeprint Verification from EyeVerify. Mobiles and tablets already come with more-than-sufficient cameras to photograph your eyes and use them as your new password. So EyeVerify did just that, eliminating the need for those 6- and 8-character, case-sensitive passwords that nobody can remember and have to change every three months to remain one step ahead of the hackers. Exhausting.

To get the lowdown on this award-winning technology (FinovateSpring 2014 Best of Show), we invited EyeVerify’s CEO Toby Rush on the program. In a most revealing conversation, Toby provided us with how they came up with his mobile eye-print software, how it works, and why credit unions (and their members) will marvel at this simple and secure solution. Don’t miss this chat.


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