Follow the yellow brick road

The only constant in life is change.

We’ve all heard that. We all know it. That statement has never been truer than today.

In these uncertain times, everyone is inundated with articles, podcasts, videos, and tips about how to be a strong leader in a time of crisis. There’s great information out there, but one of the most important lessons to remember is to follow the yellow brick road. It will provide countless reminders as we move forward to discover our new normal.

As leaders, we’ve all spent the past month trying to find our way to the Emerald City and talk to the mighty Oz. Since this twister called Coronavirus has landed in our path, everyone is looking for answers while we’re navigating through the lions and tigers and bears. Whether you’re the essential workers that are still in your work routine (thank you!), albeit a little more cautiously, or whether you’re the worker that has transformed some part of your home into your office, there are very few businesses on the planet or few families across the globe that haven’t had their world turned upside down in the last 45 days.

As much as the world is in turmoil, it’s important to maintain clarity. We are in unchartered territory right now, and we don’t have Glinda the Good Witch to show us the way. If and when we finally find the man behind the curtain with all the answers, we may realize the lessons and reminders to help us cope were right in front of us all along.

Remember Your Brain.

By now, I’m fairly confident that every credit union employee has exhausted their brain. Credit unions have been challenged to operate in a manner that was inconceivable just 30 days ago. Everyone is trying to figure out how to pivot. And serve the members. And remain compliant. But guess what? They’re doing it. And doing it well. The collaboration and innovation that credit unions have shown has been phenomenal. Problem-solving, troubleshooting and figuring out the workarounds have become everyday tasks. Everyone’s brain power is in full force, and the results are evident. So, when the challenges pop up, remember your brain.

Remember Your Heart.

These times have many of us reflecting on those we love and treasure. Don’t get caught up in the negative of our current situation. We have been given a spotlight to shine on what’s important in our lives. And maybe what’s not. And what’s missing. And what we want. Some have used this time to reflect on family, relationships, and the important people in our lives. True loves. Lost friends. Relationships that need mended. We’ve learned to appreciate and cherish our co-workers even more. Many have helped their neighbors. We’ve realized the importance of the grocery store employees, the postal carriers, and the first responders. Doctors and nurses have had an unprecedented outpouring of love like never before. On those darkest of days, when things seem so grim, remember your heart.

Remember Your Courage.

We’re all doing our best to make it through the day. Seasoned credit union CEOs, who have their jobs down to a methodical science, have found the courage to journey into the unknown. Maybe they didn’t want to, but they have. They’re trying new things. Developing new ways to do business. Carrying the burden of continuing to provide service to their members. Quickly. Taking risks. All while maintaining a sense of calm for their staff and their members. Guess what? They’re doing it. It might not be perfect, but they’re doing it. Every day brings new obstacles. Those obstacles might not be flying monkeys, but the staff is faced with problems today that weren’t problems yesterday. And every day, the credit union CEO and the employees gather their courage and march forward into more of the unknown. All while doing it in an environment that could potentially be a risk to their health. Yet they tackle each and every day after putting on their badge of courage.

We don’t really know when this will end. All we know is that every day is a new learning experience. We’re all working together to navigate to the next day. This is our chance to rise up and be better. And we have each other. As we are reminded of the lessons from the yellow brick road, we can probably admit that there is one other constant in life that many of us may have overlooked or simply taken for granted until recently.

There’s no place like home.

Jayni Sech

Jayni Sech

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