Former branch manager used court system to thwart NCUA investigation

Jihan Michelle Davis was banned by the federal agency and now faces an embezzlement charge.

For more than a year and a half, a former branch manager used the federal court system in an unsuccessful attempt to thwart an NCUA investigation that ultimately led to an embezzlement allegation against her.

Jihan Michelle Davis, who worked as a branch manager for the $15.4 million Lexington Avenue Federal Credit Union in Rochester, N.Y., filed a lawsuit against the NCUA in November 2017, claiming her Bank of America accounts should not be disclosed because the independent federal agency did not comply with provisions of the Right to Financial Privacy Act.

Davis was fired from the credit union in August 2016, after management determined a substantial amount of money was missing. A year later, the NCUA authorized Robert Robine, its trial attorney, to launch an investigation.

At the end of August 2017, Robine questioned Davis during a deposition during which she claimed no knowledge about a $19,200 deposit in her Bank of America account. She also testified that she handled no more than a couple of hundred dollars while working at the credit union branch under her supervision.


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