Four cloud lessons from Hurricane Ian

Cloud-based solutions allowed Trellance to focus on community rather than disaster recovery in the wake of the storm.

On Sept. 27, under mandatory evacuation orders due to the impending Hurricane Ian, Trellance shut down our Tampa offices and redeployed to safer locations. We were concerned for our employees, our physical offices and the Tampa community—but business concerns were noticeably absent. Despite how severe the storm could and would grow, we knew our data and technology were secure and business would carry on as usual.

How could we be so confident? The cloud-based solutions we so strongly encourage our credit union clients to adopt were very thing that made a potentially stressful situation practically a nonevent.

Most credit unions won’t be affected by hurricanes, but data security and business continuity threats are everywhere. Through that lens, here are four key lessons about cloud adoption that can be gleaned from the experience.

1. Without the cloud, reacting quickly is nearly impossible.

Hurricanes typically provide a fair amount of advance warning, but many threats do not. When it came time to evacuate, it was largely a matter of relocating employees with laptops to safer locations where they could simply get back online and access all of our systems, files and information, which were synced and up-to-date in the cloud. This can be achieved in a matter of hours.


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