Four common mistakes found during mystery shops

Maybe you think your consumer experience is fine. Or maybe you know something is wrong in a general sense but don’t know the specifics. Whichever it is, conducting mystery shops reveals hidden mistakes impacting your brand’s reputation.

But what are the most common mistakes? And how does your credit union or community bank fix them? Let’s find out.

#1: Unsecured consumer information

Unfortunately, this happens frequently during branch visits. The mystery shopper walks into a branch and notices a sign-in book or similar item full of consumer information. There’s no security. A criminal could easily look at the personal information and take what they needed.

Solution: Always secure member or customer information. Don’t open yourself up to liability from a breach, especially when it’s so easily preventable. Post an attendant by the sign-in book, or switch to a digital check-in system that automatically protects entered information.


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