Four good reasons to automate month-end close

Remember, your accountants have bright minds. Automation helps them to use them to your organization’s best advantage.

Did you know the ancient Greeks used automation for primitive clocks, robots and even computers? The word itself derives from Latin, meaning “acting of one’s own will.” In teaching machines to complete menial, undesirable tasks, people become the true beneficiaries of real freedom. The financial industry has long leveraged automation to streamline its processes. Here’s why credit unions should use automation during their month-end close.

1. Focus on Strategic, High-Value Activities

Why input repeating cells manually in Excel when you can simply use the fill handle? We use modern conveniences to gain access to more of our most precious resource: time. If there’s one thing that shouldn’t be rushed, it’s the month-end close. Automating a chunk of your reconciliations immediately frees up hours in the day to do more strategic, high-value activities. In addition to the work, the workflow itself can benefit from automation. Having clear tasks outlined for everyone involved—along with built-in reminders—contributes to a more efficient process.


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