Four proven tips to create fear of missing out with ALCO meetings

When you think about how ALCO layers future possibilities atop the basic numbers to enable insightful, informed decisions, who’d want to skip it?

Asset/liability committee meetings are an opportunity to create compelling collaborations that are interesting, relevant, and result in better member value and better asset/liability management—plus put a check in the compliance box. If you’re not experiencing the first part of that sentence, it might mean you are thinking too much about where things have been rather than where things could potentially be—which is the fun part.

It’s important to understand where things stand, especially in relation to policy limits. Once that is established, moving away from reporting the numbers and using them as a springboard for anticipating what the future could look like is where things get interesting. But this is not just about making it interesting, it’s about engaging people from different areas—whether they’re “numbers people” or not—so they can contribute in meaningful ways. The numbers tell a story.

Here are some things to consider as you tell that story:


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