GAC 2024: A new era for America’s Credit Unions

by America's Credit Unions

As we embark on a new industry era as America’s Credit Unions, the upcoming 2024 Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) stands as a historic milestone for the credit union movement.

This year’s conference (March 3-7 in Washington, D.C., and live online) is more than just an annual event. Thousands of industry leaders and advocates from across the nation will gather under the unified banner of America’s Credit Unions.

The conference will highlight the meaningful work credit unions are doing to ensure all Americans have access to affordable financial services. We look forward to taking the energy of the credit union industry and our transformation to America’s Credit Unions to new levels on Capitol Hill.

Advocacy priorities: Protect, empower, advance credit unions

Advocacy is job number one for America’s Credit Unions, and GAC is poised to play a crucial role in advocating for an environment where credit unions thrive.

Our policy priorities are to protect, empower, and advance credit unions, ensuring they can meet the needs of the nearly 140 million people who depend on them for their financial security. Our 2024 priorities aim to:

  • Preserve the credit union tax status;
  • Hold regulators accountable;
  • Reform the CFPB leadership structure;
  • Prevent an unlimited expansion of NCUA’s authority;
  • Protect the interchange system;
  • Establish federal data protection standards;
  • Ensure a fair regulatory environment;
  • Expand both business and consumer access to credit unions;
  • Lift member business lending caps and regulatory limits;
  • Increase loan maturity limits;
  • Allow new investment options for credit unions; and
  • Support innovation and emerging technologies balanced with regulatory oversight.

GAC will shine a light on these priorities and galvanize attendees into action, as they engage with policymakers and stakeholders during “hill hikes” to champion credit unions’ mission and success.

Registration is now open

With a growing list of influential voices lined up to speak at the conference, this is an event not to miss. Join the gathering that will make history, advocate for impactful change, and shape the future of credit unions for years to come.

For those who cannot attend GAC in person, the conference offers a comprehensive online experience. Virtual attendees will have access to live streams of key sessions, including keynote speeches and select breakout sessions. The online platform is designed to provide an immersive experience, allowing remote participants to engage with the content and connect with other attendees.


Contact the author: America's Credit Unions

Contact the author: America's Credit Unions