Generative AI has landed on Wall Street. Here’s how it can help propel ‘massive’ revenue growth

Like it or not, generative artificial intelligence has arrived on Wall Street — and experts expect it to transform the way firms do business.

To be clear, artificial intelligence, like natural language processing and machine learning, has been used by wealth management and asset management firms for years. Yet with generative AI now on the scene, it can have a powerful impact when combined with other AI technologies, said Roland Kastoun, U.S. asset and wealth management consulting leader for PwC.

“We see this as a massive accelerator of productivity and revenue growth for the industry,” he said.

In fact, the banking sector is expected to have one of the largest opportunities in generative AI, according to McKinsey & Company. Gen AI could add the equivalent of $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion annually in value across the 63 use cases the McKinsey Global Institute analyzed. While not the largest beneficiaries within banking, asset management could see $59 billion in value and wealth management could see $45 billion.


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