Georgia Tech breach puts 1.3 million at risk

As with all data breaches and/or events the risk could extend to credit unions and other financial institutions.

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta-based Georgia Institute of Technology experienced its own version of March Madness when a data breach potentially affecting 1.3 million current and former students, faculty and staff members hit the university.

Georgia Tech feared the data incident, its second in less than a year, exposed information including names, addresses, social security numbers and birth dates. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Georgia Tech learned in late March that a central database had been accessed by an unknown outside entity.

Brian Johnson, CEO and co-founder, Arlington, Va.-based DivvyCloud, said, “Much like Yale’s disclosure of its data breach last year that it suffered between 2008 and 2009, it could only be a matter of days before affected individuals begin to file class-action lawsuits against Georgia Tech for failing to comply with privacy regulations.”


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