Get a confidence boost

Imposter syndrome. The confidence gap. For many women, these are all-too-familiar phrases. Even in an industry filled with accomplished, talented women, many of us admit to feelings of self-doubt that persist despite our education, experience and accomplishments.

We examine the confidence gap in our latest issue of Advancing Women. This online-only quarterly publication offers information and inspiration for current and aspiring female credit union executives and those who support them. You’ll find a lot of value in our current issue, including a feature article about confidence.

“Our charge, as industry leaders, is to halt the imposter syndrome,” says Deedee Myers, Ph.D., CEO of CUESolutions provider DDJ Myers Ltd., Phoenix, in the article. “And the best place to start is by being the type of parent, grandparent, supervisor and mentor who negates and mitigates the bias and imposter syndrome in our homes and workplaces. We need to arm our women with the agency needed to find their way in this complex world.”


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