Get rid of the nonsense!

If you’re involved with social media, you’ve probably seen the acronym “SMH” attached to posts or tweets. It means “shaking my head” and is used to express disgust, confusion, disbelief, etc. about a particular situation, story, or circumstance.

In all likelihood, you’ve had SMH days at your workplace. It’s inevitable. People do things that downright baffle or even anger you. It’s normal to have days like this. But if you find that you’re spending too many of your days in SMH mode, it’s most likely because something is seriously wrong and needs to be fixed ASAP.

It is vital that organizations rid themselves of nonsense – in whatever form the nonsense presents itself. Nonsense kills, demotivates, and hurts productivity (and thus, profitability.)

As a consultant, I have the privilege of working with many organizations. Leaders of organizations that seem to be stuck in SMH mode call upon me to provide an objective assessment of what’s happening. Believe me, some of these assessments have me not only SMH but PMHO (pulling my hair out.) A lot of the nonsense that I’ve seen has been allowed to fester for months or even years with countless hours of lost productivity and wasted time.

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