Getting buy-in for your credit union marketing

Most every marketer in a bank or credit union has struggled to get buy-in for a marketing campaign, promotion, the marketing budget, and other facets of the marketing discipline. There’s an old adage, “everyone’s a marketer,” but that doesn’t seem help much when support is needed to move marketing forward. Why not?

Let’s jump into why buy-in can be so hard to attain and then explore the four elements that make up the secret sauce to getting everyone to rally behind your marketing efforts!

Why is Buy-In for Marketing so Hard to Achieve?

There are a few reasons why obtaining marketing buy-in is so hard to achieve.

One is that your peers are busy, distracted, and bothered with their own tasks, workloads, personnel, and resource challenges. It’s easy to give a knee-jerk reaction to your idea, often usually turning it down, if it means more work for them. However, they likely won’t exert much more effort than that if you don’t give them good reason to.


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