Going 100% EMV is a win-win: Consumers want it, fraudsters don’t!

Every financial institution out there should have EMV enabled for ALL of your issued debit cards, credit cards, and ATM machines for which you own or are liable. If you are not currently 100% EMV enabled across all of your cards and ATMs it is nearly a guarantee that your financial institution will be forced to deal with one of the following financial loss occurrences in the very near future:

  • Magnetic stripe counterfeit card fraud on your non-chip enabled cards
  • Fraud using chip-enabled cards on your non-chip enabled ATMs
  • Fraud at a chip-enabled ATM using your non-chip enabled cards 

Enabling EMV technology on all of your cards and ATMs may take some time and money to do, but the benefits of adopting the technology across the board hand-over-foot outweigh the costs of not doing so.


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