Going for quality, not quantity

New analytics and digital approaches put the focus on satisfied members, not just speedy responses in the call center.

The shift to digital banking is transforming the way credit unions interact with members from branch to call center.

In the past, members who had problems brought them to the branch where they were solved face-to-face. Then came the call center, which handled those problems on the phone. That became the contact center, which combined phone and online interactions. Now in some credit unions, this center for member communications is becoming the engagement center where agents solve problems in a variety of ways from chat to text, and truly build relationships in the process.

This transformation from call center to engagement center is part of an effort to provide personalized customer service—long every credit union’s bragging point—in a digital world. Gartner describes an engagement center as a system that “includes software applications used to provide customer service and support by engaging intelligently—both proactively and reactively—with customers by answering questions, solving problems and giving advice.”

These cutting-edge systems use artificial intelligence to do speech analytics that can monitor all calls and identify member sentiment, good or bad, and spot areas where agents stumble that may indicate a need for more training or a change in procedure.


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