Good Governance: Advice from my hero

Six key responsibilities of every board, gleaned from my conversation with world-renowned expert Ram Charan.

There’s nothing like meeting your hero. For some, that might equate to a football player or a musician or maybe a politician—a well-known celebrity type, whose mere physical presence is immediately recognized by all. For a governance geek like me, heroes are fewer and farther in between. But they do exist and, when they do, they rise like giants.

Thanks to my good friends at CUES, I met my hero about a month ago on the eve of the 2019 CUES Symposium in the Bahamas: Ram Charan, the world’s leading expert in corporate governance. Along with some members of my team, I explored some of the most pressing concerns of the day with him—challenges that perplex even the most skilled and tenured credit union board members and CEOs.

I imagine I’ll be mining the notes from our conversation for quite a time to come, and I look forward to bringing you the fruits of those labors in future blogs. For now, I am pleased to share with you six key responsibilities central for every board outlined by Ram as he spoke to the board chairs and CEOs assembled at the Symposium:


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