Good Governance: Hybrid board meetings get solidly mixed reviews

But videoconferencing is here to stay—so what best practices can be learned?

During the first April session of the High Performing Board Digital Series, presenter Steve Morrissette surveyed course participants and found that 25% of them were holding board meetings entirely in person; a somewhat greater proportion was meeting entirely via videoconferencing; and about 40% were having hybrid meetings, with some directors in the room and other directors attending virtually.

Visiting professor of business administration with Chicago Booth, Morrissette said the same is true for the boards he serves on—most are using Zoom to meet; some are mixing it up. Morrissette said he prefers to meet all virtually or all in person rather than using a hybrid option.

“In my experience as a board member, ‘mix’ is the worst,” he said. “You’ve got some board members on Zoom. You’ve got some board members in the room. I have to admit I struggle with those meetings the most.”

What exactly does Morrissette struggle with when it comes to blended board meetings?


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