Has your 2021 strategy changed?

Many of our priorities changed in 2020 – it’s time to act now to make sure 2021 is the best it can be

In this year of turmoil, unpredictability, uncertainty and worry, the idea of strategy for anything further than a month ahead may seem like a dim and distant memory.

But now, more than ever before, strategy is critical to the success of your and your clients businesses.

While I think we all appreciate that the need for an agile and flexible approach to business is incredibly valuable and may well be the only thing that has got us through 2020, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your long-term goals.

While your planned route may well have changed considerably over the last nine months, is your vision still the same? Are the things that were important to you on the 28th February 2020, still the things that are important to you now?


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