Have you considered an equipment service agreement with USC?

There are many reasons to include a service agreement with the purchase of a document or check scanner from USC. Below are just a few. Check out our infographic on the Top 10 Reasons HERE.

Reduced Equipment Expense

Avoid the costs of consumables and unforeseen repairs by signing up for a service contract agreement. Time and time again when customers buy new scanner hardware the scanners will work fine for six months to a year but when the interior rollers become worn, the equipment starts to function improperly. Without having the right know-how, it can be hard for customers to determine or troubleshoot what is going wrong with the scanning equipment. With a service contract agreement, all costs for troubleshooting, parts, labor, and repair are covered so the customer can have peace of mind by avoiding unforeseen expenses. Not only that but having a service agreement ensures that the scanners are well taken care of and last longer. This saves a customer the out-of-pocket expenses for buying equipment more frequently and allows the scanning hardware to operate as intended for much longer.

Reduced Administrative Burden

We know what it is like for customers who do not have a service agreement. Most of the time, it is constantly sending emails and phone calls back and forth between numerous levels of administration trying to get approval for a single service expense. This must be done each time a service is needed. A price quote must be negotiated, approval must be made by someone in administration, we must coordinate a day for the repairs, etcetera. With a service contract, all the stress, hassle, and burden can be taken off the administration’s shoulders because the equipment is covered. There is no price negotiation or cost approval step because all the costs are covered and already accounted for by the annual service agreement. The only thing that needs to be done is to notify USC of the problem and we will coordinate to look at the issue. There is no need to add more work for the administrators.


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