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Targeted products for each generation

The youngest generation (Generation Alpha) to the oldest living (Silent Generation), and every generation between, have vastly different financial needs and expectations. To reach and connect with your current and future members, and offer the [...]

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Aftermarket product refunds: Ensuring a compliant solution

The world of auto finance is broad and complex, and the evolving economic and regulatory environment is only adding to the complexity. As dealers and creditors increase their focus on revenue streams from ancillary product [...]

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Improve employee retention with these coaching strategies

Employee turnover is one of the most serious threats facing credit unions today. There is an undeniable link between employee engagement and employee retention. Engaged employees are retained employees. On the other hand, disengaged employees [...]

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Allied Solutions announces $150,000 in charitable donations

Allied Solutions, a leading financial services company based in Carmel, Indiana, today announced charitable gifts to be distributed to pediatric hospitals and community-based organizations that provide direct delivery of hunger-relief programs to individuals and families [...]