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Sign of the times: Banking without borders

There’s a long history of trade in both goods and currency alike, but these exchanges have taken on many forms over time. The invention of currency allowed people to trade goods and services without [...]

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Enhancing your payment app fraud prevention strategy

2022 has already seen a steep rise of fraud, and it’s not decreasing. As digital, touchless payments and person-to-person payment apps grow in popularity, so does the fraud in these areas. In fact, 53% [...]

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Part 2: Death to overdraft fees? Not quite.

When a transaction exceeds the amount in the consumer’s account, financial institutions can allow the transaction to go through for a fee, called an overdraft fee. This is also often referred to as a [...]

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Risk mitigation resource roundup

Maintaining strong, enforceable internal controls is a priority for many organizations, regardless of their size. For financial institutions, it’s imperative that risk mitigation remain at the forefront. Credit, liquidity, asset-backed, foreign investment, equity, and [...]

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Allied Solutions announces $150,000 in charitable donations

Allied Solutions, a leading financial services company based in Carmel, Indiana, today announced charitable gifts to be distributed to pediatric hospitals and community-based organizations that provide direct delivery of hunger-relief programs to individuals and families [...]