Allied Solutions introduces innovative “Quote by Address (QbA)” feature to enhance GAP compliance for state chartered credit unions

CARMEL, IN (April 11, 2024)Allied Solutions, a leading provider of insurance, lending, and risk management solutions to financial  institutions, is proud to announce the launch of its new “Quote by Address (QbA)” feature. The new  feature is one of the first technologies specifically designed to help financial institutions with multi-state  lending footprints improve their compliance with new regulatory requirements related to guaranteed  asset protection (GAP) agreements. 

The introduction of QbA comes as states continue to focus on legislation regarding the regulation of  ancillary protection products, such the recently enacted HB 23-1181 in Colorado, which applies to GAP  agreements entered on or after January 1, 2024. 

Allied Solutions’ QbA feature is a proactive solution to help state chartered institutions and large  federally chartered institutions navigate new and future regulations. Integrated into iQQ, Allied’s  quoting and selling platform, QbA allows financial institutions to sell state-specific, compliant GAP  programs based on where their consumer resides. By automatically quoting the correct rate and  program features and providing a state-compliant waiver based on consumer address, QbA streamlines  the quoting process and helps ensure compliance with the latest regulatory requirements.

“We are excited to introduce the QbA feature as part of our ongoing commitment to helping our clients  navigate the complex regulatory landscape,” said Pete Hilger, CEO at Allied Solutions. “With the  implementation of new regulations in various states, including Colorado, we believe that QbA will  provide financial institutions with the tools and flexibility they need to remain compliant while offering  competitive and state-specific GAP programs to their members.” 

While the use of QbA is not mandatory, embracing its functionality is critical for financial institutions  operating across multiple states or facing compliance-related concerns. QbA ensures adaptability in an  ever-evolving regulatory environment and can help institutions maintain compliance as they continue to  grow. 

About Allied Solutions

Allied Solutions is one of the largest providers of insurance, lending, risk management, and data driven  solutions to financial institutions. Allied Solutions uses technology-based solutions customized to meet  the needs of 6,000 clients along with a portfolio of innovative products and services from a wide variety of providers. Allied Solutions is headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, with regional offices in Florida,  Minnesota, South Dakota, and Texas. Allied Solutions is a wholly owned and independently operated  subsidiary of Securian Financial Group. Visit to learn more.


Amy Hearn
Allied Solutions
Vice President, Marketing & Communications

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