Hire the right candidate with behavioral assessments

An Aberdeen Group study recently found that organizations who use pre-hire assessments are 24% more likely to have employees who exceed performance goals. Hiring the right candidates that promote your credit union to your membership is essential, and the best way to do this is by using behavioral assessments during the hiring process. A behavioral assessment can help you determine what kind of candidate will be successful in your organization and how they’ll fit into the culture.

What is a behavioral assessment?

A behavioral assessment is an assessment given during any stage of the employee lifecycle but is especially impactful in the hiring stage. This kind of assessment gives you a solid look at the core, stable behavioral tendencies of a potential employee. Since behavioral assessments tend to measure an individual’s core and usually unvarying traits, you only have to give your candidates one behavioral assessment. From there, you can compare your candidate against any position. While the jobs change, the candidate doesn’t.

For example, a pre-employment behavioral assessment can tell you how assertive an individual is, which is something that typically remains the same year after year as opposed to a candidate’s current level of frustration or excitement, which are temporary emotional responses. By understanding the core personality traits of your candidates, you’ll have a better idea how they will actually perform the job day in and day out.

What is entailed in a behavioral assessment?

Behavioral assessments are designed to reveal how candidates behave in certain situations. Some assessments ask participants to rate sentences on a scale of Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree. Others may ask people to select from answers that mostly closely identify with their individual traits, while others use lists of adjectives and measure an individual’s selections.

How do you use a behavioral assessment to make a hiring decision?

A behavioral assessment should measure four things:

  • Assertiveness – The need to make things happen.
  • Communication StyleThe need to work with people versus the need for proof.
  • PaceThe speed at which a person operates.
  • StructureThe degree of dependence on rules.

The results of a behavioral assessment can be used in many different ways. They can help you separate candidates that are natural fit from those who are not, but they shouldn’t be the only factor in your hiring decision. In fact, it’s important to remember that no single test will give you all of the information necessary for evaluating a candidate. You need to consider other factors such as education and work experience before making your final decision.

A behavioral assessment can help you hire the right candidate for your team.

Behavioral assessments are used to evaluate a candidate’s ability to perform the job role by identifying certain characteristics and traits that indicate an individual is likely to succeed or fail. For example, a company looking for someone who will be successful as a customer service representative (CSR) may use personality traits like assertiveness and structure as indicators of whether or not an individual will work well with customers.

Your members invest in your organization, including the team members that help them with their banking needs, so finding the right personalities is essential. Behavioral assessments are a great tool for doing just that. They allow you to get a better picture of how people will perform on your team, and they also allow you to see if there are any red flags that might indicate someone isn’t a good fit for your organization. It’s important not only for job seekers but also hiring managers because it helps them understand what kind of person would be most successful in your organization based on their personality type and work style. Get in touch with us today and get started with The Omnia Assessment!

Robert Coles

Robert Coles

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