Hood attends ceremonial swearing-in by Vice President Pence

NCUA Chairman Rodney Hood Thursday recounted how values of humility, integrity, hard work, compassion and service to others have shaped his outlook and his career.

“I did not set out to dedicate my work life to financial services,” Hood said. “My first choice of a career, stemming from my time spent working as a church missionary in Africa, was to enter the ministry. As it turned out, life had other plans for me. But that urge to service I felt as a young man did point the way to my future path. Once I embarked on my banking career, I always saw our primary mission in simple terms: people helping people.

“Credit unions arose and grew not out of government fiat,” Hood said. “Instead, they grew from a grassroots movement of people who were forgotten and were being left behind. At every step, it was about the promise of people helping people. It was the promise of people working together to use their assets to invest in their communities.”


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