How an opinion can ruin your credit union strategic planning session

Opinions are like…, well, you know. Everyone has one. And that’s not a bad thing. However, if you treat your opinion as a fact, it can completely ruin a productive credit union strategic planning session, and perhaps even the successful trajectory of your credit union.

I’m always quick to push back in a planning session when a credit union leader gives their opinion and treats it as a fact. “Is that how you feel, or can you give us the data to prove this is a fact?” It’s easy to assume what we know and feel is true for everyone else.

It’s not just opinions about credit union strategy and consumer behavior. We do this every day in life. We think an Oscar-winning movie is trash, while someone else celebrates the victory. We think one music genre is a waste of brain cells while others are jamming along to that same genre. What is “fake” and what is “real?” What is authentic and what is commercial? We bring these same biases to credit union strategic planning sessions, and your voice and opinions should be heard, but it’s necessary to revisit your ideal member profile and identify the majority opinions and preferences they have.

As we grow wiser as credit union leaders, the more understanding and accepting of foreign ideas and uncomfortable discussions should become the norm. We should “ask a freaking question,” rule No. 6 in the YMC rules of a successful credit union strategic planning session.


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