How can credit unions fulfill the needs of a multigenerational workforce?

Updating your compensation and benefits plans is a good place to start.

In a recent podcast with psychologist and author Adam Grant, billionaire, entrepreneur and TV personality Mark Cuban proclaimed Gen Z “the greatest generation.”

“They take all the ingredients into account when they’re making decisions,” Cuban said, asserting that those born between 1997 and 2010 highlight work-life balance in their personal and professional lives and put a premium on emotional and mental health equilibrium.

The pandemic also had a significant impact on workers’ priorities, regardless of age. Since March 2020, the importance of personal and family values and responsibilities has been elevated. So has the value of flexible work and companies’ community engagement.

To stay competitive in the hiring market and to better retain staff, employers have had to re-evaluate how they can use their compensation and benefits offerings to fulfill the needs of a multigenerational workforce.


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