How credit unions can hit more lending home runs

Two industry leaders share how to knock it out of the park using automation and analytics.

Hitting a home run requires a lot more than luck. For a baseball team, hitting it out of the park means honing strategy and regular practice. For credit union lenders, getting a homer means fine-tuning the vision, plus implementing best practices in both analytics and lending automation to improve the borrower experience. In our special report, two industry leaders share key strategies and smart tactics that can help CUs score.

Go Smart Yet Simple

Lending has evolved greatly over the years. But the data analysis CUs can now do is what has changed the game the most.

“The analytics are really allowing financial institutions to gain efficiency in their process,” says Stephenie Williams, VP/financial institutions product & strategy for CUES Supplier member Vericast, San Antonio, Texas. “When you think about application pipelines, they’re able to approve more deals, and at the same time, analytics is also allowing financial institutions, and credit unions in particular, to make more relevant offers to their customers and members.”


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