How culture relates to marketing

One of the most common job interview questions is, “Why do you want to work here?”

When Your Marketing Co. interviews candidates, some of the people we interview make note that our website says we are “people who give a damn,” and that we work for “credit unions that give a damn about the people and communities they serve.” It’s not every day you apply for a company that is so blunt – not once but twice – on the About Us page.

Other candidates say YMC seems like a great place to work and that it looks like we have lots of fun. For dramatic effect, I once responded, “Who the hell told you that?!” The candidate was a bit stunned, but we had a good laugh. But here’s the kicker: How could she truly know? The answer: She doesn’t know really (although in truth, we are pretty kickass).

Make no mistake, the way our website looks, how it functions and the copy on the pages are all important brand assets regarding our culture and how we market ourselves here at Your Marketing Co. And if you are like many credit unions in desperate need of finding qualified candidates, your website is a good place to start.


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