How customer engagement innovation drives success amidst post-COVID employment challenges at FIs

Part 2: Digital technology improves employee recruitment, onboarding, training and retention

In the second article of this two-part blog, we discuss how customer engagement innovation, such as digital conversation guides, can help banks and credit unions address the current employment shortage, while also improving employee and customer satisfaction. Part one took a closer look at what created this situation and how financial institutions are responding.

While the world recalibrates to a new normal after the pandemic, some aspects of daily life continue to be impacted. Employment is one area that took a crippling hit from day one. With fewer job candidates, remote work settings and new processes for socially distanced transactions, employers continue to face unprecedented challenges. While customers are critical to any business, success requires a solid team of knowledgeable employees.

To make matters worse, financial services workers in particular face additional obstacles. They are concerned about the push toward automation within their industry, which some fear could leave them without jobs. According to a survey by meQuilibrium, a digital resilience-coaching platform, financial services workers reported the second-highest level of job stress and sleep disorders (behind tech industry workers). All that stress and anxiety can take a big tool on existing staff, both at work and at home.


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