How enhanced personalization of bank websites propels growth

Banks and credit unions must keep up in an age where digital banks and big techs are captivating new and younger audiences with their online banking prowess. Far more relationships now begin (or end) with a visit to your website. Here's how to be sure those visits grow into customer engagement and not frustration.

They say it’s wrong to judge a book by its cover, but it’s human nature. With financial institutions, people today judge them not so much by their branches, but by the institution’s website.

A bank or credit union’s website is really its busiest branch. For most customers — especially younger generational segments — the website, along with the institution’s mobile app, also provides the first impression of the brand. In this article we focus on the design and functioning of banking websites.

“If you imagine your homepage being your branch entrance, it really needs to speak to those brand capabilities, be the voice of your brand and all the things you work so hard to develop,” says Paul Tonnelli.

Tonnelli, who is Vice President and Creative Director of Pannos Marketing, firmly believes the website is a critical point of connection between a financial institution and its customers. In fact, it picks up significantly more traffic than a branch. He and other Pannos executives addressed this topic in a webinar.


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